The Lykan Hypersport: A Close-Up From Dubai

The world’s most expensive car goes ballistic.
by joe gudino in Third Gear on February 04, 2013
Lykan Hypersport in Dubi photo by Michael Szczygiel

Master Sergeant Michael Sczcygiel of the United States Air Force is stationed in Dubai and supplied us with exclusive shots of a rare gem that we now know as “the most expensive car in the world.” It's great to know I have more than one supporter on my auto blog!

Last Thursday the Qatar Auto Show unveiled W Motor’s 3.4 million dollar Lykan Hypersport: a supercar designed by Ralph Debbas. The Lamborghinni-esqe Hypersport has teamed up with RUF racing, a custom Porsche builder, and Magna Steyr, an engineering and manufacturing company.

RUF racing is said to be supplying a flat-six power mill capable of producing a 750hp/738tq. Computer simulations suggest the RUF Racing engine will launch the car from 0-62 in 2.8 seconds and top out at 242mph.

W Motors revealed it will limit production to only five Hypersports. The Lykan will be the first to offer unique features such as a gold-plated hood, a holographic display, gold and platinum keys and finally, diamond-encrusted LED headlights and taillights (my guess is Rhianna called first dibs).

I want to take a moment to thank Michael, his team and all the men and women who protect this great nation. It's because of you all that we are able to do everything we do in our daily lives, without fear of harm. My kids, wife and I thank you for those freedoms. When you get back in town, contact me, dinner and brew are on me! And thank you for your photos!

Couldn’t 3.4 Million dollars buy a few faster cars? What's your opinion of the Lyken Hypersport? Post your comments below!

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Vince Turner
Interesting car. And only 5 total being produced? This is more for bragging rights than anything else considering a Bugatti Veyron is as fast if not faster for 1/3 the price.
Joe Gudino
Vince, Thanks for posting! I fully agree. The Veyron is faster: 0-60 in 2.6 sec. Top speed of 270+mph. The Lykan is, without a doubt, built to prove something other than it's a powerful supercar. It's overrated and over priced.
I'd rather have a TT Galardo from Underground Racing. This car looks sic but it's not worth the money at all.
Joe Gudino
Eddie, Thanks for your post. UGR produces some amazing cars. For a fraction of the cost, your right, one could build multiple cars that could flirt with those 0-60 times. Late Model Racecraft (LMR) comes to mind. >)
In agreeance with Vince, plus the diamond encrusted head/tail lights? That's unnecessary, this isn't a "supercar" it is a pretty little toy. Even getting a Henessy Venom GT for 1/3 the price has better performance.
Great looking car. Wish I could have one. But I know that it be a thing in my dreams. Sexy Car
Candy Pop
Would be much more sexy looking in ...Firestorm Cherry Red! Just saying...