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POOL TABLE: good condition. $175 obo. (832)215-7534. INDIVIDUAL
HANDMADE WANDS carved from wood. $50 each. (281)917-4617. INDIVIDUAL
ICE MAKER, cappuccino maker, coffee maker, hot surface keeps food hot, good condition, $900. (713)998-5608. INDIVIDUAL
POOL PUMP sand filter: total water management, model 3410413-1502. $260. (832)282-3319. INDIVIDUAL
COMFORTRAC LUMBAR traction unit: for home use, has headrest and rolling carrying case. $200. (281)908-6030. INDIVIDUAL
HELLO MY ? Are you doing okay (281)555-8065.
BEAUTIFUL FRONT door: 36x79½”, full lite, right handed, great shape, $220. (832)859-0775.
MAHOGANY GLASS door: 36x79”, right handed, needs refinishing, $100. (832)859-0775.
FRONT DOOR: 36x79” triple insulated glass, left handed, outside brown, inside white, $200. (832)859-0775.
METAL MERCHANDISE table: 3 available, good for clothing and grocery display. 10am- 7pm only, (832)310-3628. INDIVIDUAL
RED CAST iron Hubley tractor for sale, asking $45. (832)334-9416. INDIVIDUAL
GULF NO-NOX gasoline thermometer for sale, asking $55. Call (832)334-9416. INDIVIDUAL
GULF OIL porcelain/ enamel signs for sale. Licensed pump plates, price range from $40-60. (832)334-9416. INDIVIDUAL
GULF SUPREME Motor Oil sign for sale: 42x13”, sign not old! Asking $75. (832)334-9416. INDIVIDUAL
SKI COLA sign for sale: 42” wide, 147” tall, asking $75. (832)334-9416. INDIVIDUAL
VERY UNIQUE lighted curved arrow sign for sale, Christmas sale! Asking $130. (832)334-9416. INDIVIDUAL
RED DOG Beer lighted pub sign for sale: everything in great shape, asking $225. (832)334-9416. INDIVIDUAL
PINK CUSTOM storage cabinet, $200. (832)766-3356. INDIVIDUAL
MILLER LITE neon light, $200. (832)766-3356. INDIVIDUAL
SHAVE-A-DOO SNO-CONE machine: includes cart and acessories, adjustable heights. $600. (281)736-2500. INDIVIDUAL
NEON SIGN: for taco restaurant or taqueria, good condition. $300. (281)736-2500. INDIVIDUAL
MOONWALK WITH big slide for rental, $150 for full day. (832)528-3545.
PENTEX PRG 35mm camera with 200mm macro lens. Very good condition. $60. (832)665-9465. INDIVIDUAL
PENTEX 35MM K1000 camera, includes lens. Excellent shape. $90. (832)665-9465. INDIVIDUAL
PRESENTATION EASEL: portable, extends and retracts to different heights. $25. (832)955-4308. INDIVIDUAL
MINI BAR cabinet: black with glass doors and gold trim, excellent condition. $25. (832)955-4308. INDIVIDUAL
WINDOWS 72½” x 32”. (832)416-9880. INDIVIDUAL
GAS PRESSURE wash pump: does not have a working chip. (832)416-9880. INDIVIDUAL
STREET AND Strip electric fans, 16”. (832)416-9880. INDIVIDUAL
FULL FACE respirator: Scott SV2000, excellent condition, large, $50. (281)908-6030. INDIVIDUAL
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