There are 9 main categories and multiple sub-categories in each to help group your ad by topic/service and make it easier for buyers to find. The 9 main categories are: Real Estate, Transportation, Merchandise, Employment, Services, Food And Fun, Announcements, Education, and Health And Living. If you have trouble picking an appropriate category, you can call or email Customer Service for assistance. Call 800-793-6543 or send an email to

Call Customer Service at 800-793-6543. Refunds are not provided for ads cancelled while running. For complete terms of use, click here.

Make your title short but descriptive. Try to avoid words like “must see” and “wow.” Use keywords in your ad to make it easy for readers to search for and find. Use attention getters and bold text or centered text. This makes your ad stand out. If you provide photos/images with your ad, it improves your chances by up to 10x over ads with no photos.

During print ad placement you will have the opportunity to upload an image for print. This will be automatically converted to black and white. If you desire a print ad with color graphics, contact us at 713-371-3500 and ask for the Display Sales Department.

For online ads with pictures, simply upload your image in the space provided by following prompts. You may also enter a photo caption.

All ads go through a proofing process to help us provide our readers with a safer place on the web and the leading place to bring buyers and sellers together. Ads placed during normal business hours are typically proofed and online within an hour or two. Ads placed after business hours will be proofed the next business day. If an ad is placed that has issues, a proofer will contact you to resolve them and get your ad online quickly. Print-only ads also go through the proofing process. These will be printed on the next available publication date for your chosen edition(s) and will appear online on the publication date. See “Ad Deadlines” for more information.

Most pages (except for the order entry pages) have search capability. The reader can enter the terms to search for, i.e., “blue Dodge truck,” narrow the search by category, and further limit the search by city.

Online classified ads are offered free to 501(c)(3) nonprofits, with certain conditions. Please contact Customer Service at 800-793-6543 for more information or to place a nonprofit ad online.

If you had an account in the past, it may still be active, although the password may no longer work. You can go to the page Forgot Password Recovery and attempt to recover your password. If this is unsuccessful, contact Customer Service to reset it. websites only store the personal information required to complete payments via credit card. This includes name, contact information, etc. No credit card numbers are stored on the website. We take every reasonable measure to protect your information and do not sell or provide it to third parties. Visit our Privacy Policy page for more information.

The email address you registered with is your UserID. This needs to be a valid address as it will be our primary method of identifying and contacting you when needed. If you forgot your email address and have listed an ad in the past, Customer Service may be able to find it for you. The Customer Service number is 800-793-6543. If your UserID cannot be retrieved, you can create a new account with any valid email address that has not been used in another account.

The password you create needs to be a secret code that, for security purposes, is accessible to you only. It should not be shared with others. Should you forget your password, you can retrieve it online at Forgot Password Recovery or you can call Customer Service to reset it.

Once you are logged in, the first page of the ad placement process has a link to go to your account manager. Or, you can go directly to This only works once you are logged in and authenticated by the website. This page shows past and saved ads and allows you to re-run past ads or ads you have saved as a model ad.