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Housekeeping Aide

Healthcare, Dental, Vision

Paid-Time Off

Competitive Compensation

Job Summary

Come work where you'll be appreciated! The Housekeeping Aide will work Full-Time for the 6:00AM-2:00PM shift. The primary purpose of this job position is to perform a variety of general housekeeping/cleaning duties in various areas to maintain the center in a sanitary, safe, attractive, and orderly condition. Come apply at 11406 Rustic Rock Dr, Austin, TX 78750, USA or call us at (512) 335-5028.

Principal Responsibilities

Performs all housekeeping/cleaning duties defined in the company Housekeeping Manual including, but not limited to:
Receives assignments from supervisor and follows cleaning schedule as outlined for housekeeping department to clean offices, handicap and visitor’s restrooms, activity room, kitchen restroom, service entrance and therapy room, entrances and exits, utility areas, closets, lounges, lobbies, halls, etc.; Performs emergency housekeeping.
Cleans, dusts, washes, and disinfects all fixtures, floors, walls, doors, and ceilings, as required; Scours and polishes water fountains, sinks, mirrors, glass panels in doors and partitions, brass and movable and stationary furnishings and fixtures; Changes slip covers, scarves, doilies, etc. when soiled and arranges furniture and equipment in an orderly fashion; Cleans ledges, shelves, vents, windows, window sills, etc.; Removes and re- hangs curtains, drapes, and dividers for cleaning when needed; Replenishes soap and towels in appropriate receptacles.

High School Diploma or equivalent preferred; ability to read and understand directions.
Previous housekeeping experience preferred.

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